What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX), also known as User-Centred Design, is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

It is the thinking behind the design, not just making it look good, but ensuring it adds value and is useful for your audience.

If you have great UX in place, you are able to answer valuable questions and improve your business value.

Why do I need UX?

Your business needs to focus on UX because, without it, you are losing valuable customers which results in a loss of business to your company. Many companies lose millions of pounds every year due to poor user experiences.

If the content is not optimised, users will leave. If they can't use your website, 79% of users will search for another site to complete their task. And mobile users are 5x more likely to abandon their task if a website is not optimised for mobile.

Mobile devices are just one example, but with over 70% of the internet now using smartphones, it is one of the most important. 96% of smartphone users have encountered sites that have not been developed for mobile devices.

That's why we focus on mobile-first development - to empower your business.

Our Process for UX

Our process changes from client to client, as every business has different needs. However, one of the key things that every project requires, is a great understanding of your audience.

Our first job is to research your business, your industry and your competitors. From then on, we create "personas" which is our way of putting a face to your audience. Based on the personas, we create our user journeys to refine how your website is going to be used before we begin development.

We then design wireframes and create prototypes. There are many more parts to our process, but these are the basics that are used in the majority of cases.

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