Security and Privacy

As a business owner, you want to minimise risk.

Privacy regulations and website security are vital concerns, and as part of our service we make sure that your sites are secure, compliant and up to date on the latest security and privacy standards, giving you peace of mind!


Ensuring the security of our clients’ websites is a top priority for us at MORPHIQ. We want to ensure that your site is protected, to the best extent possible against attacks and hacks.

Our technology choices reduce the attack surface for hackers, and allow us to implement world-class security controls and intelligent protection firewalls.

All of our sites are protected with an SSL certificate, using HTTPS and have "Strict-Transport-Security", providing extended protection from phishing attacks and more.

We benchmark all of our sites using Mozilla Observatory, reducing the risk of phishing or spoofing attacks.

GDPR & PECR Compliance

We take pride in ensuring our websites are compliant with the GDPR and PECR regulations, ensuring you are not at risk of hefty fines. These regulations concern privacy on the internet, and can be tricky and annoying for new businesses to implement.

Many web develoeprs will require the client to provide the privacy and cookie policies, and this puts the burden on the client who then needs to seek out legal counsel.

We have streamlined this process by partnering with Iubenda, a privacy first company, to generate privacy and cookie policies that meet the required standards, so you won’t have to worry about compliance.

Please note, however, that we are not legal experts and would recommend seeking independent legal advice on this issue if you have any doubts. We are happy to advise on the specifics of our systems and third parties.

No-Cookie Analytics

Most web agencies will use Google Analytics to provide insights into your website’s traffic and utilisation. However, this is problematic, as Google Analytics uses cookies to track users coming to your site. To be fully compliant with EU and UK regulations, cookies cannot be set until a user explicitly tells you, or “gives consent”, that they allow you to use cookies. This means that, to be fully compliant, you may not be able to get the full picture of all the traffic coming to your site.

In order to get round this problem and still be fully compliant, we use a no-cookie analytics tool, which provides similar insights to Google Analytics, but does not require user consent.

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