Responsive Design

With over 70% of users preferring to browse through their mobile device, it is vital that your website is responsive and provides a great experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.

A responsive website provides seamless user experience and allows consistency throughout your website no matter the device you are browsing on. This benefits your business by improving trust in your site and the quality of your brand.

Responsive websites also allow you to use your time better. By only having 1 website, you only need to update content once and all your users only need to visit one URL.

SEO and Google Improvements

Since 2015, Google has recommended websites to be responsive and have penalised websites that are not. Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor and has further signified the importance by implementing mobile-first indexing.

What does this mean?

Since 2018, Google has begun ranking websites on their mobile compatibility and if your website is responsive, you are more likely to rank higher than a website that is not. This could be significant when you are trying to rank on page one of Google.

You can view your website's ranking by using Google's PageSpeed Insights tool. We have found our websites tend to rank highly and we check this regularly.

Impact on your business

So what impact can this have on your business? Well, now it's 2020, the advances in modern technology have resulted in far superior browser and smartphones. Over 79% of adults own a smartphone.

If your website is not responsive, you could be losing out on an incredible amount of business. It's been found that mobile users are 5x more likely to abandon a task if a website is not optimised for mobile.

Over 60% of consumers use their mobile phone to make a purchase. Again, if you are not responsive you are more likely to be missing out on valuable business.

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