About Us

Why was MORPHIQ Digital founded?

Modern-day technology and the internet economy has transformed all of our lives - undeniably, for the better. Yet the more that cutting-edge technology progresses, the more it leaves behind.

We can all think of an example of where technology has been used in an inefficient way, or where a solution to a problem has been a botched, politicised one, where software could have given a better outcome.

We have seen these inefficiencies happening even in some of the most digitally transformed companies where we have previously worked. The overuse of pen-and-paper, the spreadsheet (or, the frustrated employee) reveals a widespread failure of today’s technology to aid rather than hinder.

In short, MORPHIQ Digital was founded because we’d had enough, and we know for a fact that we can do better.

How we operate

We believe the key to solving business problems is innovation. We are software experts - shaping your digital future, using modern technology coupled with beautiful design. We empower your business. We innovate to solve.

With our combined professional experience of over 20 years, we know that change is the only constant in technology. We help our clients get to the cutting edge - and stay there. We support you from zero to live, and beyond!

Our websites, mobile apps and custom solutions are built with quality and durability in mind.

We pride ourselves on our trustworthiness and commitment to our customers. We believe every customer is a long-term, committed relationship - with no prenup!

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